Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Waiting Continues to Continue…

October 15th, the first day that US MD schools across the nation can accept applicants, has come and gone. And here I am, acceptance-less.

Ah well…

This process takes time. Or so I keep reminding myself. And only two of the schools I interviewed at—Temple and Saint Louis—actually began handing out decisions for my wave of interviewees this week, and neither school even said anything to anyone until the 16th.  I won’t even hear something from Wayne State until the 24th, and Loyola’s admissions committee doesn’t meet to go over applicants from my interview date until the 29th. Boston won’t say anything until January, for goodness’ sake. I have another interview lined up for next week. So it’s still really early, and realistically I shouldn’t be worried yet. Besides, my wonderful wife has continued to provide plenty of much-needed encouragement.

This entire process does nothing but foster neuroticism, and all this waiting provides plenty of fertile ground for dreaming up worst-case scenarios. There are hundreds of applicants in my shoes. I should be—and am—grateful for the interviews that I have had thus far. In all likelihood, I’ll be just fine.

But still….

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